5 Best Sticker Apps for Malayalam Keyboard

 Imagine someone telling you you could send your favorite movie scenes, dance steps to your friends over messages. Or a Malayali daily soap bahu spinning after her mother-in-law slaps her to express a feeling of exaggeration. No, I'm talking about sending them a video clip or an audio message. I'm talking about something that has changed the way we perceive text messages these days. Something that has converted messaging from war of words to a different kind of war altogether. I'm talking about Stickers. 

Ever since stickers have been introduced on major messaging platforms they have kept the users engaged in sticker wars and in collecting more of them. Many new businesses have grown so far and have created a community of sticker developers. Such involvement of the public and the simplicity of making these further adds to the popularity of stickers. You can convert any image or a GIF to a sticker and use it for fun. The best part is that stickers cross the language barrier and just convey the feelings. But if you're Malayali at heart, you would want to know the best sticker apps with Malayalam stickers. Worry not, read along as we present to you the top 5 Malayalam sticker apps.

  1. Malayalam Troll Stickers

From developers of Impress Creations, the Malayalam Troll Stickers is completely free. Some of the highlight features include High-quality stickers, Stickers with texts, famous Malayalam meme scenes, and perfect working under 2G, 3G, or 4G data connections.

2. Malayalam WAStickers

The Malayalam WAStickers is another free app that believes in expressing emotions through stickers instead of typing them. It has stickers on Famous actors, greetings, trailer songs, teasers, and Malayalam live TV. 

  1. Malayalam stickers

Third, on the list is the Malayalam typing keyboard app. A promising app that has stickers on hundreds of topics, mostly on Malayalam films and actors. The app also has a status saver feature which is quite unique. It has over a hundred thousand downloads, which shows pretty good user usage.

4. Malayalam animated stickers 2021

An amazing app for normal and animated stickers, the Malayalam Animated Sticker 2021 app has a very good user rating. The reason is its simplicity and regularly updated content. The animated stickers in the app are of good quality and bundled in packs for easy access. 

5. Malayalam Keyboard App

You might be wondering how a keyboard app tops our list of the best Malayalam sticker apps. It does so because of the features this app provides. Not only is this the best sticker app, but also the best Malayalam typing keyboard on Android. When you combine Malayalam typing with amazing stickers, this app is the ultimate and deserves to be at the top. Let me give you three reasons why the Malayalam keyboard app will change the dynamic of your typing experience. 

6. Stickers with Avatars and Movie Dialogues

Movies have become a part of our lives. We watch movies since childhood and there are some scenes that just stick to our memories.  What if we could bring these memories to life and use it normally in our conversations. The Malayalam Keyboard App help in bringing this thought to reality. The app has hundreds of stickers of Malayalam movies. If that isn’t enough, the keyboard has made this feature feel more personalized by introducing avatars. 

Create your own avatars, use them in stickers and flex over your friends on the group. Careful though, your friends may use the avatars against you in your next sticker war.

7. Emoji Suggestions and Bigmojis

The Malayalam keyboard studies what you type and suggests emoji on the top bar of the keyboard. These suggestions are based on certain keywords that may indicate your emotions at that very moment. 

The Malayalam keyboard has its own emojis designed intricately and thoughtfully. But what’s special is the keyboard’s Bigmoji feature. You can send an enlarged emoji by just holding onto it while it grows in size. These enlarged emojis are called Bigmojis and are sent as Stickers. These stickers can be added to WhatsApp favorites just like any other stickers. Some Bigmojis are even animated, so they give a real feel to anyone who is looking at it. 

8. Quotes, Jokes, and Shayaris

If you are a person of words, you may need some content to either entertain yourself or others with some well-phrased quotes or jokes. At this moment, you can either write it all on your own or download the Malayalam Keyboard app on Android. I’m not joking. The Malayalam keyboard has hundreds of inspirational Malayalam and English quotes which you can share instantly with just one click. 

But when the situation demands a chill atmosphere, the keyboard also has ready-made jokes. Whether you need to calm your mind or make someone else laugh, these jokes will do that job perfectly. Malayalam typing becomes fun with the features of this app. When you think about it, what is that something which is a combination of funny and inspirational? A Shayari. Malayalam keyboard app has hundreds of shayaris to choose from too. Oof, is there anything the Malayalam keyboard online app doesn’t have?

So many apps and their features, but united by one - stickers. With technology continuously advancing and people finding new ways to stand out in society, it will be before the time that stickers will be replaced by something more interesting and fun. Until that time, I will let you choose the best Sticker App from our Top 5 Sticker Apps for Malayalam Keyboard. 


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